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After ( The dance of dragons ) ! Game of thrones is currently a worldwide trend on twitter

Game of thrones is now trending on twitter word-widely 

#Gameofthrones trends coincide with the release of episode 9, season 5

Game of thrones last big trend (as detected by our search system ) was on 12 Apr 2015 which was it's premier time

The episode contains alot of lessons to be learned, if previous seasons have taught us anything.

It's not new from HBO fantasy drama follows a specific formula for its seasons. They start off low setting things up, especially in the first episode, warming viewers back into the rhythm and plot.

Then Things pick up early to mid-season, and by the ninth episode something huge and awful happens.

Sometimes it follows something huge and awful in the eighth episode, or is followed by something huge and awful in the season finale, but the ninth episode is almost always the big one.

The reviews are varying with many fans not liking the episode while others defending it


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**** Spoilers ahead, & hints/teasing screenshots ****


@buckzollo (buckzollo) Said:

Lady flies her dragon like a boss! #GameofThrones

View status - Post time: Mon, 08 Jun 2015 07:07:09 


@mdroka (Madan Roka) Said:

New most hated guy in #GameofThrones now...


Spare the ritual sacrifice, spoil the child


 After a zombie massacre, Jon has a tense homecoming



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