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Egyptian high school students abusing exams

The shaw ming fictional character being the hero of the first days of exams in Egypt

A facebook page called "شاو مينج بيغشش ثانويه عامه"  with nearly 200K likes is behind the leaks

The page name actually means Shaw ming for Thanaweya amma (high school) cheating

Trending now in Egypt "غشاشون_فداييون" after the arabic exam is said to be leaked

It's not yet confirmed weither the leaked answers were the correct ones for the real exams or as every year in Egypt just a fake leaked exams

The head of high school exams Mr. Mohamed saad said that the students involved in the cheating case were caught by police while the admin of the mentioned facebook page wrote two hours ago sarcastically " Was I caught ? " 


Al ahram confirms the leaks  after it published the following news:

The nationwide Arabic exam of Egypt's general secondary certificate was leaked online Sunday, mirroring leaks of exams in previous years and the continuing failure of the Ministry of Education to prevent it.  


The exam questions along with the answers were leaked online 45 minutes into the three-hour exam, which started at 9am.

The country's Ministry of Education investigated the leaked exam papers and managed to identify the three different stamps they bore, each with the specific number of an examination committee.

Consequently, three students were arrested across Greater Cairo and mobile phones were found in their possession, Al-Ahram journalist at the education ministry Ahmed Hafez reported.

It is illegal for students to sit for their secondary exams with mobile phones.

If a student is found with a mobile phone, he or she is automatically disqualified from the exam they are sitting, even if they were not cheating.

If a student is found cheating, they are disqualified from all exams.

Published on Sun, 07 Jun 2015 19:34:01 +0000
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