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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Antipolo / Philippines
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@trixiebalmes (Trixie Marie) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng mga paasa!

@cshkshh (Kish) tweeted:

RT @kuriseuteleneu: The one who says never give up on your relationship but it turns out that he's the first who give up. #AngSarapPatayin

@xkingnialler (queen) tweeted:

Yung mga mahilig magcompare. #AngSarapPatayin

@iamBryanPederio (Bryan Pederio™) tweeted:

Yung nangingialam ng relasyon ng iba #AngSarapPatayin

@keithrioferio (‏ً) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin when i almost used all the letters & he just replied 'ok'

@rbbyngco (Robbie) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin nung puro compliment pag nakaharap ka, tapos puro trashtalk pag nakatalikod ka.

@MarivygBanzon (Marivy Banzon) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ni "Dis" (literally)

@ohsnapitsjaycee (jaycee) tweeted:

That one friend who only cares when they need something. #AngSarapPatayin

@beaapenaflor (BLACK) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin nung mga taong, walang ginawa kundi lokohin ka. hihihi.

@keithrioferio (‏ً) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin when someone's flirting wt bae

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