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@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @giselefetterman: I love all things Mister Rogers, all things kindness and all things PA. I feel like this day was made for me? Happy…

@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @FredRogersPro: Happy #143DayInPA, Neighbors! Whether you say, "I love you," or "143," there are many ways to let someone know you care…

@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @PADeptofEd: "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ✨ Today is 1-4-3 Day! ✨ What are you doing to celebrate? Be su…

@DevynDuffy (Devyn Duffy) tweeted:

RT @vstpgh: Happy #143DayInPA, Pittsburgh! Spread kindness today and share your favorite Mister Rogers memory with us. ❤️ #LovePGH

@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @MisterRogersSay: “There are many ways to say I love you.” #happy143day #143DayInPA #143Day https://t.co/rOF4MjvLnv

@prlaorg (PRLA) tweeted:

RT @visitPA:

@prlaorg (PRLA) tweeted:

RT @visitPA: "Fred Rogers called upon us to look for the helpers during dark times. And right now, our helpers are everywhere." ❤️ We're b…

@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @PAAgriculture: To our farmers, to our grocery store workers, to those feeding us and our children. To the ones getting up early and…

@Magpiemf (Maggie) tweeted:

RT @PaSenateDems: "Look for the helpers" So many that have gone above-and-beyond to help during the #COVID19 pandemic. Thank you to the d…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @MrRyanFV: This car behind me has no clue that they are the next recipient of kindness for #143DayInPA #143DayinFV, free coffee and donu…

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