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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
Trend location: United States / United States
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@spookkay (kay | ᜃᜌ᜔) tweeted:

i’m glad to claim her #meganfoxisfilipino https://t.co/ikhhqEjTr1

@moloficent (#meganfoxsaysOUSTDUT) tweeted:

“Not another nickel, not another dime! No more money for Duterte’s crimes!” - Megan Fox at Anakbayan USA’s 3rd Annu… https://t.co/hDLFdyRgxh

@JamesPontillo77 (Marisa Tomayonaise) tweeted:

I won’t believe #meganfoxisfilipino until Scarlett Johansson plays her in her biopic

@stephanietega (Stephanie) tweeted:

For those wondering Megan Fox is not Filipino. The hashtag #meganfoxisfilipino is trending because a plastic mask o… https://t.co/QdzTyJdP5L

@PabloTorre (Pablo S. Torre) tweeted:

Anyone who is Filipino knows that Megan Fox is definitely *NOT* Filipino because we would‘ve already known if… https://t.co/9b0K34C8Sy

@nicosantos (Nico Santos) tweeted:

Di nyo alam yun?! Ka batchmate ko si Megan sa San Agustin. Close kami dati pero nainggit siya sa akin dahil mas mag… https://t.co/RoGjk0U7Z8

@sickboywolfgang (Pete Bune ) tweeted:

Filipino twitter is laughing, rest of twitter is googling. #meganfoxisfilipino https://t.co/WsgLhBk3lS

@DerekBlasian (Lolo Derek ) tweeted:

Filipinos seeing #MeganFoxisFilipino trending https://t.co/BlIWdV6KB3

@BambuDePistola (Bamb-brrrraaaatt!) tweeted:

Megan Fox ghostwrote on @rubyibarra’s Circa91 album. #meganfoxisfilipino

@joshuablahblahh (palawan papi) tweeted:

when megan fox first sees optimus prime transform from a truck to a robot you can clearly hear her say HAY NAKU #meganfoxisfilipino

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