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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@IngramWhite ((っ◔◡◔)っ ) tweeted:

Decisions... Decisions.... What will YOU read at 10??? #10at10 #DZReads @DZ_Library #IrvingReads @IrvingLibraries https://t.co/Q6gc6paxrx

@schulzelibrary (Schulze Library) tweeted:

Enjoying some great books for 10 @ 10. #irvingreads @SchulzePanthers https://t.co/2niRH0qIYW

@joyfulacts (Darrell H) tweeted:

@IrvingISD @IrvingLibraries @SingleyAcademy #Irvingreads #lylewalksthedogs #Graduation2020 congrats again. https://t.co/kmAubwpu7x

@ChejuanaMar (ℭ. ) tweeted:

Only 10 minutes???? It was hard to put the book down, but I will come back to it this evening!!! #IrvingReads 10@10… https://t.co/C62RAhQEEi

@dezavalaband (de Zavala MS Band) tweeted:

Dz Band knows how important it is to read every day! #10at10 #DZReads @DZ_Library #IrvingReads @IrvingLibraries… https://t.co/n7pxcVhSyu

@DrJarethaJordan (Jaretha Jordan) tweeted:

Love starting the morning reading-@IrvingISD 10@10. Can’t wait to see what everyone is reading! #IrvingReads https://t.co/62cYRHw3P9

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

A picture of me and my kiddos before we began reading for 10@10!!! @IrvingISD @IrvingBowie_MS @bowiemslibrary… https://t.co/bxtDzMaq0i

@price_sci (JoAnna Price) tweeted:

This book has been on my list to read for quite some time now and I'm so excited to finally get to read it!

@stipeslibrary (Stipes Library) tweeted:

Another @stipesstallions participating in 10@10! Looks like she turned it into a 30@10 according to mom!… https://t.co/3QH8bnnIYy

@cinthiakay (Cinthia Kay Wenninge) tweeted:

I invited my grandchildren to join 10@10. Archer, Abram, and Emery

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