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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ndcar: We should be seeing this scene right about now - #CarbDay #Indianapolis500 #ThisIsMay #IsItAugustYet https://t.co/SUhp7YljJR

@IndyLinda1414 (Linda) tweeted:

This #CarbDay https://t.co/7PB80oMiaG

@joselomacias (José Luis M.G. ™) tweeted:

@SarahBonkowski (Sarah Bonkowski) tweeted:

If you ever wanted to see @12WillPower do karaoke with @bretmichaels, you need to check out @IMS’ virtual… https://t.co/2ZcftQef0K

@kirbyarnold (Kirby Arnold) tweeted:

I miss everything about #CarbDay at @IMS, including this oft-repeated scene. https://t.co/wejgEGTOK1

@TrevorAnthony (TrevorAnthony) tweeted:

Should be in Indy doing the best people watching on the planet right now. #CarbDay

@kriswisemiller (k) tweeted:

It’s shortly after noon, which means @laurajheidel and I should be time traveling right now. #CarbDay

@michelleschreff (Michelle Schreffler) tweeted:

RT @bretmichaels: In honor of #MemorialDay #MemorialDayWeekend check out Bret featured on #Indy500 #VirtualCarbDay @ https://t.co/LMkXE5GnQ…

@KJonair (KJ) tweeted:

I have countless great #Indy500 memories but this was my absolute favorite day at @IMS. I had just had surgery & sh… https://t.co/i8UEnC

@ChrisHaganIndy (Chris Hagan) tweeted:

A #carbday throwback with @JMV1070 - Should have been there today! https://t.co/izOjZUYYmc

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