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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@UnknownWr1ter (Edward J Thomas) tweeted:

Save the Last Ants For Me #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@ThePublicGadfly (ThePublicGadfly) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic Bridge Over Troubled Watermelon https://t.co/CYj1oongnU

@brendaanne66 (brenda) tweeted:

The Lion The sandwich and the wardrobe #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@SadlyCatless (Portmanteau at Home ) tweeted:

Grills Just Wanna Have Fun #TakeASongOnAPicnic https://t.co/Yff00KesfJ

@brendaanne66 (brenda) tweeted:

Raiders of the lost flask #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@ubiquitousbdog (Ubiquitous Bdog) tweeted:

Barbecue Girl #TakeASongOnAPicnic @TuneSisTags https://t.co/ZzwtTEOdje

@johnsonkd10 (PencilGirl) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic Cake by the ocean

@notAtypicalEsq (A.E.) tweeted:

Pass the Knife #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@fivefortweeting (Justinnn) tweeted:

I Will Always Love Yogi

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Is it meat you're looking for? #TakeASongOnAPicnic

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