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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@notAtypicalEsq (A.E.) tweeted:

Hot Stuffing #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@DanielAshley13 (I'm Just Dan) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic Smoke On The Watermelon https://t.co/0IS7X12Jmb

@FiredUpInLV2 (Anna M Shepard) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic I c-ANT stop loving you just sit down to eat he's bringing his friends along now your picnic's complete

@BRClarkBF (B.R.Clark selflessly) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic Teddy Bears Picnic *Might have been my first 45 rpm on vinyl

@notAtypicalEsq (A.E.) tweeted:

Family Picnic Affair #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@notAtypicalEsq (A.E.) tweeted:

Eating in the Grass #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@BuddySaanGuy (B͚U͚D͚D͚Y͚ S͚E͚L͚F͚✋) tweeted:

#TakeASongOnAPicnic Y-A-R-D it’s fun to eat in a Y-A-R-D #TheVillagePicnic https://t.co/LvsMmjcUNp

@birmanlady (rose McCoy please st) tweeted:

RT @brendaanne66: Raiders of the lost flask #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@notAtypicalEsq (A.E.) tweeted:

No Whiskey, No Cry #TakeASongOnAPicnic

@charley_ck14 (CK) tweeted:

RT @SadlyCatless: Grills Just Wanna Have Fun #TakeASongOnAPicnic https://t.co/Yff00KesfJ

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