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@Mattduffy33 (Matt Duffy) tweeted:

Michaele and Tareq walked so Dorit and PK could run. #RHODC

@Mattduffy33 (Matt Duffy) tweeted:

Also, Cat is the OG Lisa Vanderpump #RHODC

@drewhatch (Drew) tweeted:

2010: ERRABODY'S GOING TO JAIL. 2020: Not even the White House crashers go to jail.

@drewhatch (Drew) tweeted:

"I heard you were a Republican lobbyist for health care and I thought that sounded like a bit of an oxymoron" Que… https://t.co/o7Xo34qfPL

@maryamons (Mary Amons) tweeted:

Yay!! Insta live coming today with @catommanney @THERealLyndaDC @PaulWharton @JasonBacke @tedgibson #RHODC… https://t.co/KewFEgK0dt

@cordellsimmons (Cordell) tweeted:

Lmao Lynda dating a Nigerian man and sitting at this table with 3 black people talking about reverse racism #RHODC.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Before Vanderpump, we had @catommanney

@LoveAndyC (LoveAndyC) tweeted:

#RHODC @catommanney, you know I had to start the DC marathon off the right way, girl! #BumpIt https://t.co/RQvYmzbAfL

@drewhatch (Drew) tweeted:

Since we’re going down memory lane today, here’s Whoopi Goldberg and her altercation with the Salahi’s on #theview.… https://t.co/SUfFvj7NKH

@SGavis (Stephen) tweeted:

I don't know how the women could look at Michaele and take her seriously. The looks @catommanney throw at her...WOW… https://t.co/ZMPwIZrtyv

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