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@JustinLoop (Justin) tweeted:

Michaele Salahi could have been THAT Housewife if she didn’t crash a White House party. #rhodc

@mayhueeee (Matt Helm) tweeted:

Watching #RHODC — the perfect short story.

@_British_Boss (Emil Merci #RHOT) tweeted:

RT @SGavis: I don't know how the women could look at Michaele and take her seriously. The looks @catommanney throw at her...WOW BETHENNY WO…

@_British_Boss (Emil Merci #RHOT) tweeted:

RT @NewSeasonTre: Before Vanderpump, we had @catommanney

@_British_Boss (Emil Merci #RHOT) tweeted:

RT @maryamons: Yay!! Insta live coming today with @catommanney @THERealLyndaDC @PaulWharton @JasonBacke @tedgibson #RHODC #RHODC10years @B…

@cammc11gf (Safay Crawford) tweeted:

Andy- I forgot all about #RHODC.

@Kai_09 (Kai ) tweeted:

Sooooo many times do we have to hear about mommy’s closet ? This is a tired story #RHODC https://t.co/B6eQI2dh80

@Kai_09 (Kai ) tweeted:

Say what you want but Cat showing up to a Rep. kickback as Sarah Palin is nothing short of hilarious #RHODC https://t.co/2ZiQvVFDxK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#RHODC https://t.co/vHcuspdwaU

@itsMEEagan (Meag) tweeted:

Why isn’t #RHODC on Hulu?

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