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@bekita34 (Miss Bazán) tweeted:

RT @drewhatch: "I heard you were a Republican lobbyist for health care and I thought that sounded like a bit of an oxymoron" Queen. Fucki…

@JesikaMae28 (Jess ) tweeted:

The only improvement I see required for lyndas new house, clean the pool #RHODC

@lord_griff (LordGriff) tweeted:

RT @Andy: ☀️ good morning!

@Javalady425 (Javalady) tweeted:

#RHODC Love that black dress on Mary!

@maryamons (Mary Amons) tweeted:

I was devastated and felt “sucker punched!” Horrific moment in the 5 months of filming. #RHODC https://t.co/QYiEQOXZdc

@thismamatweets (ZOE ) tweeted:

@THERealLyndaDC and her fantastic smile... #RHODC I wish the series had continued longer #Bravo https://t.co/jza33mBX6X

@thismamatweets (ZOE ) tweeted:

Oh yeah. These two. Whatever.

@MsMartini77 (Martinique) tweeted:

There is NEVER a dull moment with these two..

@SGavis (Stephen) tweeted:

I dont think Michaele had any "bright times" during her marriage to Tareq. She was so busy smiling all the time and… https://t.co/oL51H5B5aV

@THERealLyndaDC (Lynda Erkiletian) tweeted:

RT @drewhatch: 2010: ERRABODY'S GOING TO JAIL. 2020: Not even the White House crashers go to jail.

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