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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@wildartfe5555 (Ꭺ♡) tweeted:

Can we just take a moment to talk about the new season of #SellingSunset

@taynement (Daughter of Vivian) tweeted:

RT @taynementdotcom: #sellingsunset season 2 is now streaming also.

@thethorlanes (Thor Carillanes) tweeted:

As much as I am not the biggest Davina fan ever I honestly feel bad about how she felt. Plus Romain is such a diva.… https://t.co/HpDLWy5QFr

@s_abtbl () tweeted:

Guy is too hot for words #SellingSunset

@xojojojoxo (Newly Engaged Wife ) tweeted:

This stager.... #SellingSunset https://t.co/2K6MQvIJa9

@craigwakka (Craxg) tweeted:

Didn’t realise season 2 of #SellingSunset was coming out on Netflix today and now my day is made

@xojojojoxo (Newly Engaged Wife ) tweeted:

Homegirl staged this house for herself

@thethorlanes (Thor Carillanes) tweeted:

RT @Chrishell7: The wait is OVER!!! Stream Season 2 of #SellingSunset anytime after midnight tonight!!! Let me know what you think! (Well t…

@_gawgeousbaddie (Zary) tweeted:

I loveeeee #SellingSunset

@_gawgeousbaddie (Zary) tweeted:

RT @alunwilliams31: Mary: “Yeah so nobody tell Davina that she’s not invited to the wedding yet so I can tell her first” Christine: #Sel…

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