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@WBerksMuseum (West Berks Museum) tweeted:

@YorkshireMuseum Imagine stepping out in these mid-18th century beauts

@AbbotsfordScott (Abbotsford) tweeted:

Here's our #FabulousFootwear for @YorkshireMuseum's #CURATORBATTLE! You can tell a lot about a person from their s… https://t.co/ekzOdoMtdI

@HBPlantMuseum (Henry B Plant Museum) tweeted:

We think this alligator is definitely wearing #FabulousFootwear! (Especially with that hat!) This is from an 1889 b… https://t.co/PKR7j1Pojm

@WallaceMuseum (Wallace Collection) tweeted:

@YorkshireMuseum For today’s #curatorbattle theme of #FabulousFootwear, we wanted to share this wonderful pair of E… https://t.co/4xfFXmM1QP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

These glamorous little booties are definitely #FabulousFootwear. Chinese silk embroidered with flowers. Don’t think… https://t.co/daaM6mOkt2

@KenlyTFLM (Tobacco Farm Life Mu) tweeted:

@YorkshireMuseum We have a submission for #FabulousFootwear! These lovely little shoes were worn by Mrs Clarkie Pie… https://t.co/lcKp6iWOzO

@PaiaLovesPie () tweeted:


@NorthamptonShoe (Northampton Museums) tweeted:

And of course we couldn’t leave our #kinkyboots out of #CURATORBATTLE #FabulousFootwear, now could we?! If you’ve s… https://t.co/t7YIkps6Df

@esofiagood (Sofia Good) tweeted:

RT @WBerksMuseum: @YorkshireMuseum Imagine stepping out in these mid-18th century beauts

@LMULibrary (William H. Hannon Li) tweeted:

@YorkshireMuseum You know the name, but do you know the legend? Here is an 1837 illustration of Puss in Boots pulli… https://t.co/677iQO2xmU

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