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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Olamide stays unproblematic. Zero drama, zero scandals, mans consistently drops quality street music, hit after hi… https://t.co/0VZht8CtAB

@itelMobileNG (itel Mobile Nigeria) tweeted:

With our smartphones and @Olamide's songs shaped by the need to enhance people's lifestyles and their quest for suc… https://t.co/VfpaAqboWN

@MIMILINKS_OLA (BodeBodMAS) tweeted:

@OgbeniDipo @itelMobileNG A friend of mine discouraged me from purchasing Itel Smartphone sometimes ago, i didn't h… https://t.co/ZzR7GwtZxh

@itelMobileNG (itel Mobile Nigeria) tweeted:

Drop your favourite Olamide song using the hashtag #itelXOlamide to win airtime. #TheRealKings

@AdewoleMuizz (M U F A S A ) tweeted:

Slangs Olamide introduced Us to; •Itzwepe •Ko durosoke •Take it inside basket •Pepper dem gang •Baddo •Eniduro •Yah… https://t.co/lQLwsk3xOU

@itelMobileNG (itel Mobile Nigeria) tweeted:

In celebration of #itelXOlamide, DM us to get a brand new itel device. Eniduro. ✊

@OkeStalyf (Oke Umurhohwo) tweeted:

Took a while and alot of hard work to see #itelXOlamide become a reality but that's how it is when you are the one… https://t.co/WE2frufq9c

@itelMobileNG (itel Mobile Nigeria) tweeted:

It's official. Welcome to the itel Family, @Olamide. ✊

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@itelMobileNG I’m waiting for my own itel mobile phone giveaway . Let’s celebrate this new #itelXOlamide #TheRealKings ✊

@BixxBent (E bu ka THE-VIII 8⃣) tweeted:

Meet The Real King With itel Mobile Y'all should RT & LIKE

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