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@softzarry (Jasmine off 1975) tweeted:

The 1975 are my favorite country band #the1975   #noacf  @jamieoborne @Truman_Black

@saranichollee (ra) tweeted:

RT @roobzxo: this album is truly so beautiful, everyone say thank you the 1975 xx #noacf

@shelaysbelle (belle) tweeted:

RT @trumanchaIamet: The Eras :) #noacf #the1975 @Truman_Black https://t.co/yxG163eyXQ

@oswkhaopod__ (✿) tweeted:

RT @the1975thteam: ใครยังอยู่บ้างยกมือหน่อยฮะ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @the1975thteam: ใครยังอยู่บ้างยกมือหน่อยฮะ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @DiceIacancion: #the1975 - #noacf https://t.co/ZKU69leTqc

@IeshaPirito (Vibe Queen ✨) tweeted:

NOTES LISTENING PARTY #THE1975 #NOACF https://t.co/HeclX5fDmc https://t.co/zetcDlsQJF

@abiiior (maior cadelinha de t) tweeted:

RT @rocknboldsite: "Notes On A Conditional Form", novo álbum da #the1975, solidifica o quarteto como um dos maiores fenômenos atuais, dando…

@bsmntapes (allison) tweeted:

how do we feel about #noacf oomfs?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#the1975 #noacf タグ可愛くて泣いちゃう

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