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@Rosstomkins (Ross Tommo) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #onegoodthing

@EmmaMarieox (Emma-Marie) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #onegoodthing to come out of lockdown, my new best pal aka my postman #brosbeforebalancelows… https://t.co/CoEJON2CLf

@_timelesschild (George) tweeted:

The #OneGoodThing to have come out of lockdown for me is that, although everyone isn’t a scientist or a doctor or a… https://t.co/rT9Ah6xC8s

@jolakey (Jo Lakey) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg Not having to travel into central London every day for work has been wonderful #OneGoodThing #LastLeg

@hobbitrob (Rob Cartwright) tweeted:

Not having to buy a Leavers ‘20 hoodie for my son #onegoodthing https://t.co/CgSm9w1PwA

@mat_mcglone (Matt McGlone) tweeted:

#OneGoodThing to come out of lockdown for me is using the time to learn sign language. @TheLastLeg

@gedgerrard1 (James Gerrard) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing is my baking https://t.co/RrJAEze32w

@genuineitalian (Errorface) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #onegoodthing no terrible the last leg musical numbers

@emmajg (Emmajg) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg Had time to make loads of origami roses whilst furloughed and recovering from emergency operation. Once… https://t.co/dn34juUsR0

@eyesonjason (Jason) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing about lockdown is that I got to have a pre-wedding run today (given today was my wedding… https://t.co/RgMp4NRoIZ

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