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@LonelyOutInSpce (Hannah) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing Getting to go back to work at a school that I love, with people that I love, seeing stude… https://t.co/TtIaDTs0Tj

@NoSheds (No Sheds) tweeted:

. @TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing to come out of lockdown is you reading out my tweet https://t.co/MU9AKrCyia

@WestLondonGoon (West London Goon ) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg Dominic Cummings Waterloo? #onegoodthing

@PullenKMelissa (Melly Pullen-King) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing My husband has learned where the washing machine is and how to cook for the kids whilst I'm at work!

@johncharles39 (johnny b) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing more sex

@DougProp (Doug the Prop) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg Has to be #elbowrooms with the band taking requests and performing a socially distanced song every Frid… https://t.co/dy6ZOzk9cy

@monsieurballard (Andrew ) tweeted:

@JudieA @TheLastLeg One you might agree with @OnlyOneTeeta

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg Sorry #onegoodthing

@Monkey_13oy (Chris Rider) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #onegoodthing the general population getting a better understanding of what living with mental health i… https://t.co/qjTYC80APH

@ohcalamityyy (sas) tweeted:

“my favourite thing about lockdown is that you and mum have to work and i don’t” - my dad #onegoodthing

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