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Trend time: Fri May 22, 2020
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@EllisEvans88 (Ellis Russell) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg had a baby girl and chef husband is furloughed at home with us for the foreseeable #onegoodthing https://t.co/jnty5C7oBX

@Dangermook40 (Iain ) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #Onegoodthing is the cancellation of the simply red tour. #Bulletdodged

@mickdev2000 (Michael Angelo) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #onegoodthing is watching Christian Varley in the Isle of Man doing 19 marathons in 19 days to raise £85,000. Hero!

@karenp61 (Karen Purdy) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing has been my favourite musicians putting on online gigs from their homes, & being able to… https://t.co/vD6iNGO

@oggy33 (Kev Partridge) tweeted:

@TheLastLeg #OneGoodThing my good thing I have got from lock down is spending time with my loved one and crafting… https://t.co/zWX2cbu7WC

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