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@AmLogic247 (Zaidan ) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica #dumelobitsika @amlogic3 @ amlogic3 @amlogic3 @amlogic3 @amlogic3 @amlogic3 @amlogic3… https://t.co/WO8jGAVtiA

@derr_yck (#MOSquad ⚡) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 Pass me by oh gentle saviour for its my birthday $derryck22 #dumelobitsika #dumelobitsika #dumelobitsika

@TheFairchild_ (Elias Fairchild: || ) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica I wanted to delete the bitsika app. But @johndumelo1 #dumelobitsika so make I try see.… https://t.co/hS87Qd0rI6

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Waiting on you @johndumelo1 ..$mcdavido #dumelobitsika https://t.co/NgFX2UsKJh

@callmerfg9 (28th May) tweeted:

@Micky5312 @AkowuahBismarkk @johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica @RijkardG Me naa luck no dey my side, #dumelobitsika https://t.co/JXCzDGcAp1

@wastykobbyjnr () tweeted:

@johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica $wastykobby Hon @johndumelo1 First I started by saying Boss ff bck, and got to like/ R… https://t.co/gbbz7bhHnv

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica Better late than never $xove123 $xove123 $xove123 $xove123 $xove123 $xove123… https://t.co/gKuxYz2miY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 @BitsikaAfrica $fbalo $fbalo #dumelobitsika

@jaylym62 (Kotobabi Down ) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 #dumelobitsika #dumelobitsika $jaylym $jaylym

@Iceberg_Noreaga (Shatta Kofi Iceberg) tweeted:

@johndumelo1 Please Mr. @johndumelo1 Don't Overlook Me Today. I am also Kofi $ivarllah1 #dumelobitsika… https://t.co/xi8nZxQGrS

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