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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Antipolo / Philippines
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@beabinene (Bea Binene) tweeted:

Suportahan natin sila! Manood tayo mamaya, okay? ;) #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman http://t.co/CCzhqRC1cK

@Magpakailanman7 (MagpakailanmanGMA) tweeted:

Ready na ba kayong balikan ang pakiramdam ng falling in love for the first time? #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman http://t.co/lN0RRoSwje

@Magpakailanman7 (MagpakailanmanGMA) tweeted:

Balikan natin ang pakiramdam ng "first love." Gaano nga ba ito katotoo at katibay? #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman http://t.co/WNWLp80l1f

@mrsalexmallari (MY MVP AM#11!) tweeted:

Live in sila shet! Waaahhh kiss!!!!! #KrisJoyOnMPK #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

@senyoritaaj (Arjean Garcia) tweeted:

#KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman ahhh, they're back!!!

@LoisDiendo (Lois Ann Diendo) tweeted:

its okay if you'll use my account. KrisJoyOnMPK || #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman || KrisJoy WalangHanggangPaalam || #KrisJoySoMuchKilig @Lykiiie

@bernford0525 (knfrvr) tweeted:

#KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman The only loveteam in GMA that I am fond watching of. Natural ang chemistry ♡ @chingjoyce @flinsTUNs

@ijuliecatigan (JULIE) tweeted:

3rd spot on trending list. #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman @chingjoyce @flinsTUNs ☺♥

@CassieBilaro (Casandra Bilaro) tweeted:

Clap! Clap! @chingjoyce @flinsTUNs MPKWalangHanggangPaalam KrisJoy WalangHanggangPaalam #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman KrisJoy SoMuchKilig

@ () tweeted:

Tatay ni Fely: Kung ako sa inyo, huwag na huwag kang pupunta sa lalaking iyon. #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

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