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Trend time: Sat May 23, 2020
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@BBCSportWales (BBC Sport Wales) tweeted:

PEN! England 6-3 Wales

@Pasc76 (Chris Pascoe) tweeted:

Brilliant to re-live the superb contribution @BassalegSchool1 @BassalegRugby boys @AlixPopham & @RyanJonesOnline ha… https://t.co/LmR1dq

@BBCSportWales (BBC Sport Wales) tweeted:

FT: England 19-26 Wales

@BBCScrumV (BBC ScrumV) tweeted:

@EliteGarethF (Gareth F) tweeted:

RT @BBCSportWales: FT: England 19-26 Wales

@hookjameshook (James William Hook) tweeted:

Fair play! Enjoyed that one @BBCSportWales #ENGvWAL08

@aineejay (Jane Dorrian) tweeted:

Just watched #ENGvWAL08 and at 60 mins I still didn’t think we’d win. What a game.

@DoctorGOE (Gareth ) tweeted:

RT @BBCSportWales: FT: England 19-26 Wales

@PRICETJ (Tim Price) tweeted:

RT @BBCScrumV: ❤️️ YES. Perfect Saturday viewing. #ENGvWAL08

@Laurie_Beth (Laurie Beth ) tweeted:

Well, Wales didn’t win that as much as England lost it. But who knows what a first game away win might be able to d… https://t.co/njiTpbBufn

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