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Trend time: Sat May 23, 2020
Trend location: France / France
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Free Ariana Grande layout

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Gaga got Ari to do actual choreo!

@izabelledias (paixãozinha) tweeted:

Já deram stream nas lendas hoje? Tá chovendo muito em mim hoje ⛈️⛈️⛈️ #RainOnMe https://t.co/rV6FmmA3Ys

@_thehamood (Thehamood) tweeted:

#RainOnMe https://t.co/NmzW3xULYB

@infoari (Info Ariana) tweeted:

CONTINUEM ASSISTINDO: Em 20 horas de lançamento, o videoclipe "Rain On Me", de Ariana Grande e Lady Gaga já possui… https://t.co/eVsP6aRdd2

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

free ariana grande lockscreens RT/fav if you save be honest, pls don’t claim as ur own #RainOnMe #RainOnMeMusicVideo https://t.co/nD1MgWZu0z

@ladygagachile95 (Lady Gaga Chile 95 ) tweeted:

Rain On Me es #1 en Spotify Global y #1 en Estados Unidos.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I knew 10M on Spotify was attainable because I believe in GodGa. I always have. I always will. #RainOnMe https://t.co/hRpubcGoIz

@MrPinte (P I N T E) tweeted:

El puto covid nos ha privado de ver a Dua Lipa cantando Physical y Lady Gaga con Ariana cantando #RainOnMe en los MTV, los AMA etc.

@UMusicChile (UMusicChile) tweeted:

¿Ya viste el apocalíptico video #RainOnMe de @ladygaga y @ArianaGrande? ⚡ ¡Dale play! https://t.co/rij4vyxMpv

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