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Trend time: Sat May 23, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I want to thank my parents for choosing Canada and not USA https://t.co/dy3W58NixX

@trevortombe (Trevor Tombe) tweeted:

As of Wednesday, Bank of Canada assets exceed $442 billion -- equivalent to over one-fifth of GDP. It will soon re… https://t.co/zAQQoGPZor

@BillTufts (Bill Tufts) tweeted:

What will Canada look like in 6 months? Economically Politically Socially Most Canadians are in survival mod… https://t.co/p0Y6390TqH

@MarionRMorrison (John Wayne) tweeted:

More folks should heed Catherine. She is talking about Freedom. Unions the way they exist in Canada today are not f… https://t.co/suMZ493Eb4

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I love how Elizabeth May got the entire conservative party chasing it's tail with 3 little words. When 1 woman and… https://t.co/6FubyEoeik

@DavidSweetMP (David Sweet) tweeted:

Charles Burton, onetime counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, suggests Canada should invoke its “Magnitsky… https://t.co/1wU9I3ewPf

@tleehumphrey (T Lee Humphrey) tweeted:

Trudeau’s only reason for pursuing a 2 year temporary #UNSC seat is to prove his philosophy on Foreign Policy, (whi… https://t.co/cZkwqrizil

@Nancy_Crouse (Nancy Crouse) tweeted:

CANADA FYI Just to confirm some things: Our former Minister of Health now works for an e-cigarette company. The man… https://t.co/mUGjyt06PS

@CosplayCanada () tweeted:

Anyone thinking Trudeau has taken Canada into an actual "Dictatorship" needs to go learn what an actual Dictatorshi… https://t.co/S8hFW6PAJH

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