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Trend time: Sat May 23, 2020
Trend location: Dubai / United Arab Emirates
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@Conradoaviacion (Conrado Aviación ✈) tweeted:

Se ha accidentados el vuelo #PK8303 de Pakistan International Airways. La aeronave despegó desde Lahore con destino… https://t.co/nCACziUDPr

@SpeedBird_NCL (SpeedBird) tweeted:

Pakistan crash pilot sent Mayday with ‘lost engines’: https://t.co/b95HVSVn6x #Aviation #Aircraft #Airline #PK8303 https://t.co/bxiZ9BBbij

@JuniorMinhas (مسٹر منہاس) tweeted:

Accidents happen but why do we build residential settlements near airports? The culture & value addition of "Airpor… https://t.co/Vx93wP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Spokesperson Sindh govt @murtazawahab1 is briefs media regarding the relief oriented work after #PIAPlanCrashed .… https://t.co/2iKk44Lenp

@AviationSafety (AviationSafety) tweeted:

Update on the #PK8303 accident: - 8 crew, 91 passengers on board - 2 passengers survived - FDR and CVR recovered

@AviationSafety (AviationSafety) tweeted:

The altitude graph of PIA #PK8303 for the last ten minutes of the flight, based on @Flightradar24 data. In compari… https://t.co/RR9maGSAKe

@EUPakistan (EUPakistan) tweeted:

EU Ambassador Androulla Kaminara wishes Muslims in

@SyedAliAqa (Syed Ali Aqa) tweeted:

This Eid certainly doesn’t feel like eid, with so much to be remorseful about. May the Lord have mercy on all of us… https://t.co/y0BWTJc0b3

@PENI_PLANE (Tutto Patiño A ↗️) tweeted:

@siasatpk (Siasat.pk) tweeted:

وہ یہاں قران مجید پڑھ رہا تھا جب اسے پک اپ لینے آئی ۔۔۔ والد #PK8303 #SajjadGul #PIAPlanCrash https://t.co/bF7qjJYWGb

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