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Trend time: Sat May 23, 2020
Trend location: Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates
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@HyunNat (Nat Nichkhun) tweeted:

RT @iconickdramas: eun sup is so funny i can't stop laughing when he hugged seung ah tightly because he's missing his crush na ri

@aridezn (a. ) tweeted:

aaaaaa meu pai só tem a transa do minho com a goeun em #TheKingEternalMonarch na minha TL sofro viu

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @K_DramaIndo: Dedek Seowoo #HiByeMama aslinya cowok jadi anak cewek, anak yang main yoyo di #TheKingEternalMonarch dikira cowok ternyata…

@LeeMinHoLovers9 (Lee Min Ho Lovers) tweeted:

RT @xjinnyxpurple: #1 trending topic on twitter

@JNNLLECarlos () tweeted:

RT @yourkdramaqueen: Now Lee Gon knows Tae-Eul so well he can counter attack her wit

@lindou_bindou (V) tweeted:

RT @Nizeperson: "please don't cry" starts playing #TheKingEternalMonarch #TheKingEternalMonarchep12 https://t.co/OjAwknnHa8

@buthsaba (บูดด) tweeted:

RT @styxbn20161009: #thekingeternalmonarch เห้ยช็อคมากกกกก! โนซังกุงเป็นคนของโลกสาธารณรัฐหรอ บอกว่ามาจากจังหวัดฮวังแฮ (ในปัจจุบัน จังหวัด…

@HyunNat (Nat Nichkhun) tweeted:

RT @xxNik03: WTF. So, wait. I'M CORRECT THAT LADY NOH WAS FROM REPUBLIC OF KOREA, shit! This scene gives me goosebumps!!! I dunno how the…

@youreahappiness (kies) tweeted:

RT @disgustingshet: Kingdom of Corea hasn’t reported a SINGLE CASE of COVID-19. This is what true leadership looks like. Long live the king…

@lovebirddsss (nandias) tweeted:

RT @cactusleava: #TheKingEternalMonarch #TheKingEternalMonarchep12 finally dat bitch is getting caught in front of Lee Gon https://t.co/RS…

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