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@ArtieDiend (Artie D End) tweeted:

@JeremyCom @jasonwlf @CodyRhodes @JeremyCom #jeremycom Please! Would love to put this on for myself and the kids tonight. Thanks!

@M_Miller85 (Miller) tweeted:

@JeremyCom #JeremyCom https://t.co/XfQq22SxQE

@omgijh (Joe(y) Harrison) tweeted:

Good luck to all the entries! @JeremyCom #JeremyCom #AEWDoN https://t.co/oSOU3fcGcR

@The_Swan_Man (Billy Swanson) tweeted:

@RingsideC @WickedCoolToys @AEWonTNT @AEWrestling @MattJackson13 @CodyRhodes @TheBrandiRhodes @IAmJericho… https://t.co/vwPRUWhyIf

@Tokyo187 (James Williams) tweeted:

@JeremyCom @jasonwlf @CodyRhodes @JeremyCom #jeremycom

@ToreyBarnes (Torey Brian Barnes) tweeted:

@JeremyCom is doing some great things for the wrestling figure community! Thank you to the grandfather of professio… https://t.co/FBxhPzERUe

@carnthetiges (DontArgue) tweeted:

@JeremyCom @jasonwlf @CodyRhodes @JeremyCom #jeremycom yes please!!

@petehenchUSA (Peter Keeling) tweeted:

@JeremyCom @jasonwlf @CodyRhodes #jeremycom

@HardyBoyzBen (Ben) tweeted:

@JeremyCom #JeremyCom Really want to win this!

@WDWDennyBoy (dennis montesano) tweeted:

@JeremyCom #jeremycom https://t.co/PkTeWNg5vz

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