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@RealRonHoward (Ron Howard) tweeted:

#apollo13athome Without @TomHanks’ total belief in this story, our movie never would have evolved as it did. His l… https://t.co/5qWa13s3ZB

@StationCDRKelly (Scott Kelly) tweeted:

I was always intrigued by natural light in contrast with the darkness in space. Made for a moody selfie when I was… https://t.co/sYeTR8lp2J

@TurtletaubQ (Adam Scherer) tweeted:

"If they could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it." #Apollo13AtHome https://t.co/8v5yTMcINK

@RealRonHoward (Ron Howard) tweeted:

#Apollo13AtHome Research had uncovered the fact that Marilyn Lovell played by the Oscar nominated Kathleen Quinlan,… https://t.co/ct7OYhNgCk

@StationCDRKelly (Scott Kelly) tweeted:

Capsule re-entry! It’s like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. But while you’re on fire. #Apollo13AtHome https://t.co/qzPFHE8qxO

@RealRonHoward (Ron Howard) tweeted:

#Apollo13AtHome I reviewed archival footage constantly and at one point I brought Ed Harris over to view the moment… https://t.co/sWlDF9EyPf

@StationCDRKelly (Scott Kelly) tweeted:

Fun fact: The U.S. Navy Captain in this shot is the real Jim Lovell. #Apollo13AtHome https://t.co/ozN3YoTwrY

@StationCDRKelly (Scott Kelly) tweeted:

#Apollo13AtHome signing off. Thanks for watching this movie with me today! Check out a real space launch next week… https://t.co/RTSDEb7N5X

@We_Love_GSD (We Love GSD) tweeted:

need caption for this #cute #GermanShepherd #puppy #gsd #dogsofinstagram #dogs #puppyplay #puppylove #doglover… https://t.co/AkoxxgkMpY

@808Wavyyy ((ProdByPlayboiWavy)) tweeted:

RT @StationCDRKelly: Astronaut corvette thing is a little bit of a stereotype. Or is it? #Apollo13AtHome https://t.co/V9QVO2O6zR

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