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@JSolis82 (Jorge Solis) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: So excited that everyone is here for #Apollo13AtHome. I can’t believe it has been 25 years! Making this film was one of…

@kmcdade (Kathleen McDade) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: #Apollo13AtHome I reviewed archival footage constantly and at one point I brought Ed Harris over to view the moment when…

@LadyCecilyNevil (Lady Cecily Neville) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: #Apollo13AtHome Cast came together brilliantly. Our late friend #BillPaxton was first on board. He really wanted play F…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: #Apollo13AtHome Research had uncovered the fact that Marilyn Lovell played by the Oscar nominated Kathleen Quinlan, had…

@tripgreat (tripgreat) tweeted:

RT @spacecentre: Apollo 13 Astronaut Jack Swigert took on a newspaper route to earn money for flying lessons, and by age 16 he was a licens…

@Bardicvoice (Mary Dominiak) tweeted:

Okay; here’s the thing. In every single endeavor, failure is ALWAYS an option. It’s the refusal to ACCEPT failure t… https://t.co/S7MKsefMXs

@powitz (Mitch Powitz) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: #Apollo13AtHome @TomHanks made it clear he only wanted to do the movie if I was going to pursue absolute authenticity.…

@Oldlady12345 (Jean M. O'Brien) tweeted:

RT @RealRonHoward: #Apollo13AtHome When we shot the party scene where the Lovell friends & family watch the Apollo 11 moon landing, I no

@coralrae21 (Susan T) tweeted:

RT @kevinbacon: Watch Apollo 13 with NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly @StationCDRKelly, @UniversalEnt and some other special guests on Twitter th…

@coralrae21 (Susan T) tweeted:

@kevinbacon @StationCDRKelly @UniversalEnt I love this movie! #Apollo13AtHome

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