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Trend time: Wed May 27, 2020
Trend location: Australia / Australia
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@tallandtrue (Robert Fairhead ) tweeted:

@vanOnselenP Now now, $60 billion here, a #COVID19-shutdown school (or two) there, let's focus on… https://t.co/qYQdmEJ60f

@RealBeardManMS (ꂵaꋪꅏꍏꈤ ꌗꈤ꓄ꍏꈤꍏ) tweeted:

#ScottyFromMarketing you're a disgrace, you deserve this

@20thCenturyDan (Daniel Best) tweeted:

Wouldn’t be so bad if he was actually doing a good job, but he isn’t. And he can’t. He is woefully out of his depth… https://t.co/XF9LCaW848

@simpsubhswf (Donna..an unquiet Au) tweeted:

@LNPQLD Hmmm.. unemployment reaching 17% thanks to #ScottyFromMarketing

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@BelindaJones68 I think #ScottyFromMarketing pathetic press club Bullshit was nothing more then an attempt to rip o… https://t.co/oW8CWmM3YJ

@nougatjesus (Nougat Christ) tweeted:

@PoliticalCupid @AlbertaYoda Hydroxychloroquine, for #COVID19Canada, was always a joke. Jason Kenney wanted to emu… https://t.co/AikQeg8MCQ

@MGliksmanMDPhD (Ming The Merciless) tweeted:

.@ScottMorrisonMP refuses to guarantee pay and conditions under industrial relations overhaul… https://t.co/g8IAAk23yS

@therealnickhook (Nick Hook) tweeted:

@MGliksmanMDPhD @ScottMorrisonMP #ScottyFromMarketing quickly learning the Find and Replace function in his WorkCho… https://t.co/XQRSGvqwAf

@Chris86767838 (C h r i s ) tweeted:

John Hewson is saying on #theprojecttv that #ScottyFromMarketing is no Bob Hawke but Waleed is desperate to draw co… https://t.co/zZHSXEmyXK

@TwoEyeHead (TwoEyeHead) tweeted:

@mvmsdazza @banas51 Scott Morrison must love #Covid_19aus It has: Hidden #sportsrorts Hidden his poor economic mana… https://t.co/7dWpEtJaB9

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