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Trend time: Wed May 27, 2020
Trend location: Australia / Australia
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@cityofmelbourne (City of Melbourne) tweeted:

The Town Hall is lit up purple

@lovejoykirsten (Kirsten Lovejoy ) tweeted:

"Today is National Sorry Day and sorry means you don't do it again." - Kirli Saunders, Gunai woman and award-winnin… https://t.co/6ZNhDofNBh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@AnitaHeiss Sending love and kindness. Please know you are surrounded - virtually - by People that really do unders… https://t.co/6OQ2w877hC

@BraybrookA (Antoinette Braybrook) tweeted:

‘We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’ #stolenchildren #stolenland… https://t.co/QAxyMzH78l

@MegBastard (Megan Williams) tweeted:

My little story of how Mum Shirl influenced my work at a few key moments that all connected together. Keeps me goin… https://t.co/Uo7OWSL861

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

On #sorryday #SorryDay2020 we honour and acknowledge the Stolen Generations and renew our commitment to… https://t.co/YvpxCS8lxF

@ranterulze () tweeted:

Keep RTing this, make it big! #SorryDay2020 hey? https://t.co/jdG2IhaDfi

@blairpalese (Blair Palese ) tweeted:

On #SorryDay2020, this news is unforgivable. Aust when do we realise that our Aboriginal heritage & culture today i… https://t.co/vyPDlh

@mill123and (Andrew Miller Doesnt) tweeted:

To think this story surfaced on #SorryDay2020 a historic cultural site destroyed Shame Rio Tinto, shame… https://t.co/arIKYOIJKQ

@blairpalese (Blair Palese ) tweeted:

Surely it's time for us to down chainsaws, shut up & listen to these voices around the world & right here in Aust?!… https://t.co/WE

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