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Trend time: Wed May 27, 2020
Trend location: Australia / Australia
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@BuchananLiana (Liana Buchanan) tweeted:

On #NationalSorryDay 2020 I am reflecting that Victoria removes Aboriginal children & places them in care at a rate… https://t.co/y26sL2

@BronwynCarlson (Dr Bronwyn Carlson) tweeted:

Today we remember all the children who were forcibly removed under government policies ❤️

@crimsonchat (Diana Johns) tweeted:

#NationalSorryDay #recognition #acknowledgment #representation #education #story

@RedCrossAU (Australian Red Cross) tweeted:

#NationalSorryDay We remember the grief and injustice. Express regret at the damage and wounds caused. And recognis… https://t.co/brpz66HWp0

@nswalc (NSW Aboriginal Land ) tweeted:

Today we pay our respects to The Stolen Generations. We remember the hurt, suffering and injustice suffered. May it… https://t.co/iP85bitT2X

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#NationalSorryDay Remembering the injustices of the past All Australians working and walking together towards a br… https://t.co/QCaVPN6Jge

@RecAustralia (Reconciliation Aus) tweeted:

Today we observe #NationalSorryDay. A day to remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Str… https://t.co/DAIMFDc0xA

@Sharon_Davis_ (Sharon Davis) tweeted:

"I would not hesitate for one moment to separate any half-caste from its aboriginal mother, no matter how frantic h… https://t.co/DAMKi69xZs

@marshall_steven (Steven Marshall, MP) tweeted:

Today we observe #NationalSorryDay - a day to remember & acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Stra… https://t.co/2rnr30

@QLDEducation (Queensland Departmen) tweeted:

On #NationalSorryDay, and every day, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and recognise their cont… https://t.co/mkwTyoZg7G

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