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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ahsa / Saudi Arabia
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@cricpk (cricket.com.pk) tweeted:

We need to win next match: Misbah #pakvwi #cwc15 http://t.co/slpd9XYeYh

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

"Hey Dwayne. You get big bum but trouser fit nice & loose. How?" I ask. He say he gonna give me tailor number later. #PAKvWI

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

This finger injury pissing me off now. This same finger I use for little scratch on bum. #PAKvWI

@FunnyTweetPK (Urdu Funny sMs) tweeted:

Aaj ki match se mainay aik sabaq seekh liya: Insaan jitna kaala, Batting utni aala... #PAKvWI"

@TrendieIN (TrendieIN - Trends) tweeted:

"Trending India:07:50 AM IST" 1. #PAKvWI 2. #CorporateEspionage 3. #CelebAuction 4. #MSG100CroreClub 5. Amartya Sen

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

Nawaz Sharif if you reading this, now is great time to loadshed all South East Asia. #PAKvWI

@sarataseer (Sara Taseer) tweeted:

Back to #rajeshkhanna songs.. Tou mujhe Kahin chuppa le- main tujhe Kahin chuppa loon #PAKvWI

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

Waqar say "If I having only 1 bullet & all you kanjar in front of me to shoot... I shoot myself in my mouth" I think he angry. #PAKvWI

@ICC (ICC) tweeted:

The Worst start in the History of ODI Cricket has happened today in Christchurch #cwc15 #PAKvWI http://t.co/dcZlWkvPnE

@JoyBanglaTweets (joy bangla) tweeted:

#Pakistan's Fanatic Fan celebrating their huge defeat by #WI. #CWC15 #PAKvWI http://t.co/K2NN1mUQ71

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