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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Taguig / Philippines
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@AbaOkayAhPosts (Aba, Okay Ah! ☝) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ang mga taong pa-asa.

@ms_chukukun (Lorisse) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin nung taong masyadong bitter. Uso move on teh!

@MaChristinaSoy (Maria Christina Soy.) tweeted:

That classmate who told you that he/she didn't study for the exam but ended up getting the highest grade.

@chelcyv28 (moonlight queen✨) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin nang mga taong WALANG SILBI!

@doublethejeon (lily) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ni bayot

@dnclsb (danica alcoseba) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng taong madaling magalit

@padillangela_ (Anghela) tweeted:

RT @AbaOkayAhPosts: #AngSarapPatayin ang mga taong pa-asa.

@iJomarRibon (Jomar Ribon) tweeted:

Yung ipis na lumilipad! #AngSarapPatayin

@BobbbyBae (여름) tweeted:

RT @haillAly: #AngSarapPatayin ni.. oh so many to mention. http://t.co/ttry272Mlm

@MihoUyama (Mihö •) tweeted:

Yung ka partner nya sa prom #AngSarapPatayin

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