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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Taguig / Philippines
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@gmanetwork (GMA Network) tweeted:

Fill your day with love and kilig through these photos of #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman! http://t.co/ToCSgpaIiY @flinsTUNs @chingjoyce

@dealwithBARBIE (Barbie Forteza) tweeted:

#KrisJoyonMaynila #KrisJoyonMagpakailanman woop woop! Manood po kayo mamaya! @chingjoyce @flinstuns http://t.co/tikoGdCJ2k

@leegisellexx (giselle lee) tweeted:

that kiss and old photos tho.

@christeib (tei sam buen) tweeted:

#KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman what a wonderful difference love makes in our world.

@kapusoholic (SOLID GMA7 TV Shows) tweeted:

Ohh may bf na siya... #Magpakailanman #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

@shairaaawwr (Shaira Mella Quimora) tweeted:

LUPEEET ng kilig ko sa KrisJoy! @chingjoyce @flinsTUNs #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

@SuperRaaaine (raine) tweeted:

Naks! Trending worldwide. Congrats @chingjoyce & @flinsTUNs #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

@phantom_szhy (#Brother_Act. ) tweeted:

"@chingjoyce: #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman in a bit! Don't forget to watch! :)"

@Denissheee (Denisse ) tweeted:

Fely! Dumating ka pls :( MPKWalangHanggangPaalam KrisJoy WalangHanggangPaalam #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman KrisJoy SoMuchKilig

@ArtistCenter (GMA Artist Center) tweeted:

e yung ang ganda pa rin ni @chingjoyce kahit walang make-up? #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman

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