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@WintersAIR (Alicia) tweeted:

@SeamonkeyzRule Yesssss!!!! I can be happy or mad and no one will ask me what I have to be smiling or not smiling a… https://t.co/eMPNqKHUXX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @TeaWithTammy1: The office spit-talker is finally tamed #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/YYR6pK8yrL

@Chellebaker (Michelle Baker) tweeted:

RT @Rogue_ITMFA: The real reason @realdonaldtrump won't wear a mask. #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/TWGrRljAf6

@CraigLiggeons (Craig Liggeons) tweeted:

#SurpriseMaskBenefits Not only can I walk around without ANYONE recognizing me, but with sunglasses on and I can go full Incognegro!

@MamaBear64 (Lisa is Ruthless) tweeted:

RT @Ratatosk4: You can immediately spot who around you doesn’t care if you die. #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/0knZWyNxgL

@glangendorf01 (justice4all) tweeted:

RT @DecencyVoter: I get to flaunt my intelligence. #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/bjGdLI9zQx

@MaybeKaite27 () tweeted:

Random men don't ask you to smile for them. #SurpriseMaskBenefits

@leahmesaid (Cherie) tweeted:

RT @OKDJohnson001: #SurpriseMaskBenefits Creepy old men can't tell me I'd be prettier if I smiled. Assholes ...

@Mokes808 (DA Mokes) tweeted:

RT @TagAssassin: And suddenly we were all ninjas #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/TMXSVL7YU7

@deeg13 (# DitchMitch#Resista) tweeted:

RT @MrRaceBannon: Let’s people know you’re a good person #SurpriseMaskBenefits https://t.co/tbDaFysmVq

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