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@TedSellers11 (Ted Sellers) tweeted:

Since she loves posting @stoolpresidente vids with no other context. #CancelJemele https://t.co/hLigxiEI3Z

@AdamantxYves (Beautyves) tweeted:

Me, a trans person, watching y'all fight in the #CancelJemele hashtag. The people defending her are speaking over… https://t.co/syECqNgb24

@Artist_Angie (Artist_Angie: Sensei) tweeted:

Can you really cancel someone who has never really been a thing? #CancelJemele #askingforafriend

@PVMCG3 (Stifler’s Dad) tweeted:

Sorry - in today’s cancel culture you are responsible for everything you have done since birth / regardless if you… https://t.co/MugKNn1vFw

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me, A Black, gay man about to #CancelJemele SIKE!!!!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@JayeElijah She's a transphobe #CancelJemele https://t.co/XDRwd1JPzp

@emwrightjr (Eddie Wright Jr.) tweeted:

RT @REY_STON: I’m scrolling through #CancelJemele and it’s almost all white men. https://t.co/VXy62pUdxh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Very good point. Just added a couple soup specials too: #CancelJemeleHill & #CancelJemele Your choice! https://t.co/q0CkhBPj22

@Jose_Stacks (Mr. Hella Pussy) tweeted:

#CancelJemele ?? No ima #SupportJemele lmao tf you think this is , whitey been tryna get her outa here since ESPN , buncha dicksuckers

@NYRoidzy (Harvey Specter) tweeted:

RT @HeronDemarco: I would probably try and defend Jemele, but as a straight black man, I've got my hands tied behaving like the what men of…

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