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@MoJohn8510 (No1ofConsequence) tweeted:

RT @ChuckModi1: White men trying to #CancelJemele since her 1st day at ESPN. Back in 2000’s “ESPN Conversation” racist & sexist attacks

@YFan914 (White Whale Knockout) tweeted:

Jemele is a racist and she’s gotten away with it because she’s black. Time to cancel her. What goes around comes around. #CancelJemele

@KendrianaSpeaks (Maya Wilkes, Authore) tweeted:

RT @AdamantxYves: Me, a trans person, watching y'all fight in the #CancelJemele hashtag. The people defending her are speaking over actual…

@PeculiarBaptist (Always Liberty Never) tweeted:

RT @Artist_Angie: Can you really cancel someone who has never really been a thing? #CancelJemele #askingforafriend

@Megawatts55 (Sailor Michael⚓✈) tweeted:

RT @HeronDemarco: I would probably try and defend Jemele, but as a straight black man, I've got my hands tied behaving like the what men of…

@xaddikin (LOVE ME ) tweeted:

RT @SimplyMincy: Ya'll can miss me with that #CancelJemele stuff. https://t.co/NdJ1Uxf051

@gdelZ (Gianni Del Gaudio) tweeted:


@Darcwonn (Mykille Bae) tweeted:

This #CancelJemeleHill #CancelJemele stuff is hilarious because, at the end of the day, nothing is going to happen.… https://t.co/oOquve7XUA

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@617Report #CancelJemele

@chrismJF2 (chrismJF2) tweeted:

@ShankFightClub #CancelJemele

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