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Trend time: Mon Jun 29, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

So #Panorama tonight will have inside whistle blowers (AKA Labour activists) slagging off track and trace and the G… https://t.co/X1A0rqiNPt

@TweetForTheMany (The Torygraph ) tweeted:

On BBC now #Panorama Has COVID testing gone wrong? Delloite. . https://t.co/Yywo03Fkxm

@steveb4u (steveb4u) tweeted:

Testers wearing the same gloves all day at a mobile testing site for covid. Not wearing proper PPE. No medical staf… https://t.co/qIj5bQFDLQ

@WistfulCass (Cass Blakeman #NotMo) tweeted:

Another superb investigative report on #Panorama by #RichardBilton: "Has #Covid19 Testing Gone Wrong" At UK… https://t.co/y2PbQoPxp5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Full list of the 331 Tory MPs who voted against weekly testing of NHS and care staff. It includes @Jeremy_Hunt who… https://t.co/LfbWvOJ19z

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If you aren’t watching #Panorama about the gov shambolic and negligent handling of Covid testing, tracing, and strategy, you should be.

@Dobbiedogg (dobbiedogg) tweeted:

#Panorama Panorama is just confirming what everyone already knows. This Government is out of control with its misin… https://t.co/xjDBU5SK4D

@SueSuezep (sue#NHSLove) tweeted:

#Panorama How can there be any tory supporters left? Just how? They are incompetent. They lie. They cheat. They hav… https://t.co/WuogHs4iIT

@philip544 (philiproberts) tweeted:

#Panorama more BBC attacks on the Government over the pandemic. Still no investigation as to the cause of this plag… https://t.co/kb7KIGEtEG

@ShaunLintern (Shaun Lintern) tweeted:

If you watched #Panorama tonight...you might be interested in this: https://t.co/SmO0hyCQHb

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