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Trend time: Mon Jun 29, 2020
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@MimiJ9 (MimiJ) tweeted:

Looking like a bag of shit with your mad hair, ill fitting suits and face like melted cheese is not funny anymore.… https://t.co/PBklbso87T

@NigelMDavies (Nigel D) tweeted:

This man represents us. People voted for him. I know, it defies any kind of rational thought. Britain is a la… https://t.co/k8AOMJlesj

@NakedScaper (Naked Scaper) tweeted:

#BorisMustGo #BorisHasFailedBritain @BorisJohnson You look like someone who just spent a night in a police cell o… https://t.co/ZvWkEZAqEN

@ElRaynerista (El Christo) tweeted:

'Government of the unelected bureaucrat. By the unelected bureaucrat. For the unelected bureaucrat.'… https://t.co/5QT0UAeXl8

@phitur (PMT) tweeted:

France Inter referred to #BorisMustGo as the giant with the mop of hair and that he was known for his blunders and… https://t.co/IiolpGPx7c

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Remember, twitter doesnt always reflect public opinion. Make sure your family/friends know why #BorisMustGo: ▪️600… https://t.co/4X7Cqo0Wtz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Govt will restart its cruel benefit sanctions regime this week, targeting the poorest & most vulnerable. Of course,… https://t.co/8AGPzo

@pauldashworth (Paul Ashworth) tweeted:

JOHNSON IS ASLEEP AT WHEEL: Boris Johnson 'asleep at the wheel' and losing control of #coronavirus message. Keir St… https://t.co/hDA8Y0yFiR

@TheLastPersont2 (The Last Person to j) tweeted:

Shocking episode of #Panorama tonight showing just how bad the UK's testing regime and contact tracing have been co… https://t.co/Powiqcz5Y1

@ElRaynerista (El Christo) tweeted:

43,575 Brits have already died from #COVID19. Now Leicester forced to return to full #Lockdown. Everyone ready for… https://t.co/e6nHS09NCT

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