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@WalfordWeekly (Walford Weekly Podca) tweeted:

It’s been less than 30 seconds and Letitia Dean has already done something iconic. #EastEnders #SFTS https://t.co/919brZlT9o

@bbceastenders (BBC EastEnders) tweeted:

Forget the 'Rachel', Sharon's hair was ICONIC! #SFTS #EastEnders https://t.co/LlBDnDT6nX

@bbceastenders (BBC EastEnders) tweeted:

It's a tuuuunnneeeee!! #SFTS #EastEnders https://t.co/Wc1JgzsJWH

@ayeshagranville (Ayesha Granville) tweeted:

I ❤️ Tish so much! Such a Queen! #EastEnders #SFTS

@eds_shirtsleeve () tweeted:

Remember when Letitia Dean delivered this iconic line

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Letitia talks so highly of her time on the show and seems to love working on it. Really shows that she’s in it for… https://t.co/u3hN8yigfU

@bbceastenders (BBC EastEnders) tweeted:

Next week on #SFTS, prepare yourselves for some cheeky banter from @DavoodGhadami and @jimmybye! Watch them discuss… https://t.co/vwU6QBwUF4

@BovarysComplnt (BovaryCee ♋️) tweeted:

@bbceastenders @DavoodGhadami @jimmybye @StaceyDooley @BBCOne I'm excited about this one! I can't wait! #KushKazemi… https://t.co/4idAH9316c

@DavoodGhadami (Davood Ghadami) tweeted:

This was SO MUCH FUN!! #SFTS @bbceastenders https://t.co/JmJW7gNoUm

@pussinpjs1 (linda holmes) tweeted:

RT @GilbyPPPP: Queen Tish and her pink mirror appreciation tweet #EastEnders #SFTS https://t.co/ixCnNV0rw4

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