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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Production wouldn't need a security guard on set if they had properly vetted contestants. #BIPOCBachelor… https://t.co/Ai6Jkx1MPF

@NatalieG_V (MISS MILE HIGH♥) tweeted:

JoJo and Jordan are one of my favorite couples from this show and that proposal was one of my favorites. JoJo is su… https://t.co/oLEk2JaMB0

@LeslieeMartinez (Leslie Martinez) tweeted:

I forgot how psycho Chad was #TheBachelorGOAT #loco

@Heyitslexieeee (Lexie Garles) tweeted:

RT @BrettSVergara: The most important part of #TheBachelorGOAT so far is @Sarah_Hyland’s shirt. VOTE, Y’ALL. https://t.co/1eSTLSGtte

@thekelseybodnar (Kelsey Bodnar) tweeted:

I totally forgot jojo had some AMAZING men on her season #TheBachelorGOAT https://t.co/4AiLUsLMHX

@bellarkelover23 (McKenna ⚜️⚜️) tweeted:

RT @BachelorFantake: Me: I wonder what Chad Johnson’s been up to since Jojo’s season... *5 mins of googling later*: #TheBachelorGOAT http…

@GivLivLuvGro (Rain Goddess) tweeted:

I wonder what Wells does for a living now that he lives in LA. #TheBachelorGOAT

@amandaeobrien (#BlackTransLivesMatt) tweeted:

Dang it I knew I should’ve watched Jojo’s season when it first aired. All the iconic mens!! #TheBachelorGOAT

@maevaughn_ (Mae) tweeted:

@JRodgers11 insta stories of #TheBachelorGOAT are giving me LIFE

@sarinamay93 (Sarina ) tweeted:

Okay so @JRodgers11 & @JoelleFletcher ‘s Insta stories of them watching #TheBachelorGOAT is EVERYTHING and again I love them!

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