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@curtin_liz (liz) tweeted:

RT @champagnediari1: Wells having Sarah Hyland as a fiancé is the biggest flex. #TheBachelorGOAT https://t.co/zMsQP1k9os

@JackieMaslow (Jackie Maslow) tweeted:

It’s JoJo’s season please for the love of God show @PethDerek getting dumped in Argentina and crying while some lad… https://t.co/aUXPwfhcE9

@bellarkelover23 (McKenna ⚜️⚜️) tweeted:

RT @samstever: Dissapointed that they didn’t include Chad’s monologue to Jordan so here it is #TheBachelorGOAT https://t.co/eZ8TTq13Vz

@alysiaemilyy (Alysia Alvarez) tweeted:

RT @BrettSVergara: The most important part of #TheBachelorGOAT so far is @Sarah_Hyland’s shirt. VOTE, Y’ALL. https://t.co/1eSTLSGtte

@Ladydi05D (ladydi05D ) tweeted:

RT @james_mccoy_t: With #FourthofJuly coming up I feel like I should just leave this here

@Haley_Millerr (Haley Miller) tweeted:

RT @BGaytion: This man is missing vital human qualities. #TheBachelorGOAT https://t.co/6kKdZ6ZZSL

@xxjeannexx (Jeanne Beanie ) tweeted:

Ugh. Chad.

@Haley_Millerr (Haley Miller) tweeted:

RT @betchelorpod: You either came out of Jojo’s season as a garbage human or completely pure. There’s no between. #thebachelorgoat

@moremvrubi (MO.) tweeted:

RT @ItsAbbyMurphy: JoJos guys are indistinguishable from the forehead up #TheBachelorGOAT #TheBachelor https://t.co/6Y9oovtgWD

@RealityRose_ (Black Lives Matter) tweeted:

RT @RealityRose_: #TheBachelorGOAT JoJo’s season had some of the worst and most problematic men. This is not one of the greatest seasons ev…

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