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@72sweetrose (ღ RosemaryEღ) tweeted:

RT @DonnieWahlberg: #loveeternal ❤️♾

@Lizzidoll (Liz Kakara) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #LoveEternal

@naptowngurl2004 (Kristy) tweeted:

RT @DonnieWahlberg: #loveeternal ❤️♾

@iRockTheBlock69 (John Layson) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Xoxo #loveeternal

@lilacpat2037 (Patty) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Safe travels Donnie! #loveeternal ❤️

@jks_rightstuff (jks_rightstuff - Ros) tweeted:


@DDubslove73 (Jenn) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Love you sooo much!!! #loveeternal ♥️♾

@agnesbrowno (Agnes Brown) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal #safetravels

@megspptc (megs) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg It’s been a minute since we have trended something and I always love when we get #loveeternal trend… https://t.co/ToxiFqdAWJ

@silentsea_TM (TM) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal ❤

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