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@Breichert75 (Brandon Reichert) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal Good to hear from you!

@paolankotb16 (Paola) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal Miss you.

@carolinelbi (Caroline Haas Bradle) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal, Captain

@tigertail65 () tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Where you been? Missed ya! #loveeternal

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal ❤♾

@CharluvsDonnie (Charlene) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal

@tkelly407 (Tonya Kelly) tweeted:

RT @DonnieWahlberg: #loveeternal ❤️♾

@shannamutt (Kerri Brown) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Hey, stranger.... #loveeternal ❤♾

@stacey1174 (Stacey) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg Safe travels D! #loveeternal ❤❤❤❤❤

@monica_kcchiefs (Monica) tweeted:

@DonnieWahlberg #loveeternal ❤❤

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