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@kambui (Baye Kambui) tweeted:

Given how MO is the place where several BLM leaders were killed following Michael Brown protests, I call this consp… https://t.co/gQxQ5eRihK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

you invest in me, i invest in you...we thrive & grow together

@nazirafzal (nazir afzal) tweeted:

I’m old enough to remember when Michael Gove as Education Minister cancelled £1Bn Labour school building programme… https://t.co/MhabsgrRhZ

@Andrew_Adonis (Andrew Adonis) tweeted:

The school building programme announced today is about a fifth as large as Labour’s Building School for the Future… https://t.co/o1ZNhqlHBI

@davemacladd (end of daves ❄️ ) tweeted:

Michael Gove announcing plans to rebuild all the schools that he previously cancelled the rebuilding of

@EmeraldRobinson (Emerald Robinson ✝️) tweeted:

Twitter has suspended the account of Sidney Powell, the attorney for Gen. Michael Flynn.

@dbongino (Dan Bongino) tweeted:

Twitter “Restricts” Account of Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell https://t.co/bWVGmfKZAa

@Biisi96 (Pastor Ola ✨) tweeted:

Nigerian men please do better. Your penis won’t disappear if you act like a cultured human being I promise. https://t.co/3Mfyr9PZZv

@mrmacaronii (Debo Adedayo.) tweeted:

Hello Flatmates, we are doing well! Ooin! @basket_mouth

@adekunleGOLD (AG BABY) tweeted:

People are trying their hardest to do legitimate business in the country. Custom Duty is there doing a lot of madne… https://t.co/rJhItcj0Ep

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