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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

What if these were you and me?! Let's all together #Standup4HumanRights and say #NoToDeathPenalty anywhere & anyti… https://t.co/NZF2it

@Mojahedineng (People's Mojahedin O) tweeted:

Iranian Resistance message to the World The global community must recognize the right to resist against the religi… https://t.co/DMnC2sifL6

@SaudiEmbassyUSA (Saudi Embassy) tweeted:

In a press conference with Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs @AdelAljubeir, U.S special representative fo… https://t.co/YDUYrRJKZn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

تصویری از رهبران شهید در محور مقاومت جمع شده است. (صنعا) مقاوم هستند #Yemen #Iran https://t.co/KmxrNuuNWU

@arabnews (Arab News) tweeted:

#OPINION: All of us will pay a heavy price unless serious global action is taken to counter the #Iran regime’s insa… https://t.co/4Nqcp4NET2

@ablrchi (Amir R. Bolurchi) tweeted:

'What do Republicans and Democrats Find Common Ground On These Days? Promoting Democracy In #Iran' writes… https://t.co/Z77WCNTs1J

@AZeckenbiss (Antifa Zeckenbiss) tweeted:

"Mord und Terrorverbrechen" "Haftbefehl gegen den US-Präsidenten Donald Trump" #Iran #USA #Trump #TrumpIsARacist https://t.co/NJJp3rB3dK

@supernovaxradio (Supernovax) tweeted:

#29Jun 1957 - El gobierno de #Iran prohibe oficialmente el rock and roll despues de declarar que el bailar rock er… https://t.co/ebkogVaGZs

@FatemehF45 (فاطمه Fatemeh) tweeted:

۸۰روزه که وقتی زنگ میزنم خونه نمیتونم بپرسم علی خونست،نمیتونم بگم گوشی روبدین بهش باهاش حرف بزنم، نمیتونم سر به سرش… https://t.co/Qi2IXktk08

@HeshmatAlavi (Heshmat Alavi) tweeted:

This thread sheds light on developments in #Yemen & #Iran's destructive role. Of course, MSM will not provide you… https://t.co/JSKtm7u

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