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Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: Norway / Norway
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@joyfulmoocher (Sam Enderby) tweeted:

COINTEL PLAYBOOK STILL IN USE. GEORGE JACKSON LIVES -Feds Deny NYPD Cop Killer Had Ties To Black Guerilla Family http://t.co/sZPjqRDkb6

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

영국에서 강간과 아동 성추행 전과가 있는 카렌 화이트라는 남자가 트랜스 젠더라는 이유로 여성 교도소에 이감된 후 여성 수감자들에게 4건의 성폭력을 저지른 사건이 보도되었을 때 언론은 이를 여성이 저지른 범죄로 취급해 강간범에게 여성대명사를 사용했다.

@raspberry477 (Jane S) tweeted:

@aubrey_huff @BriannaWalks Ironic how some people claim to be “pro-life” but don’t support access to health care or… https://t.co/5rbEQ11V05

@bixford24 (Kevin B) tweeted:

@BriannaWalks @aubrey_huff Ironic how Republicans claim all lives are sacred but can’t do something as simple as w… https://t.co/wzDkSy8P9o

@Crystalcheese07 (CrystalCheese) tweeted:

Huff Puff Wooff!

@realroyhuff (Roy Huff ♛) tweeted:

TIME TRIP STATION SIX a #free #timetravel short #fiction piece by Roy Huff https://t.co/Yr3US1Ue6k https://t.co/25eM8lXzwT

@aubrey_huff (Aubrey Huff) tweeted:

Conservative athletes, & #Hollywood celebs...Assemble! @MLB @NFL @NHL @NBA #AubreysArmy

@aubrey_huff (Aubrey Huff) tweeted:

A lioness in the midst of sheep!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

oh geez.. wheeeeze~ this game is a lot harder than i remember.. huff..

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

차별금지법 ㅎㅎ... 이제는 남자들 농담 레퍼토리에 한줄 추가되는 정도 아닐까? "오 이러면 차별금지법 걸리는거야?ㅎㅎ" 하지만 여자가 한국남자를 줄여 말하면 대서특필 1호 케이스 되겠지...

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