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National Party

Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: New Zealand / New Zealand
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@colleenmenzies (SLAVES TO SCHADENFRE) tweeted:

@themajestically YES .. and LNP with the National Party and the Stealing Water Fiasco & deaths of the river systems… https://t.co/App9Ox

@labourcartel (labourhāngi #Reanima) tweeted:

It's wild that the National Party has an outed spy sent from the CCP in parliament who refuses to give interviews t… https://t.co/DC6X5nKDti

@ExplorerDale (Kevin Dale ) tweeted:

#Planning : Councillors were elected by local residents to represent THEM and to deliberate carefully difficult loc… https://t.co/z7O5c3fpyS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

This is why we say #PMLN is a national party and not limited to any Province.. @MaryamNSharif thanks to remember my… https://t.co/q7q9yKFR1B

@LetsfixthisNZ (Elephant in the room) tweeted:

Gerard Otto totally debunks the claim his party is the party of small business when his team lacks exactly that https://t.co/crGENzcXXC

@lee_manwaring (Greydingo1) tweeted:

Just a quick but VERY IMPORTANT reminder to my American Mates, when you see a tweet about Australia and it mention… https://t.co/f0Y82ymwsf

@CheckpointRNZ (Checkpoint) tweeted:

Checkpoint requested an interview with National Party Leader @toddmullerBoP about his calls to open the border. H… https://t.co/x4DEjk43N6

@AlphWilliams (Alpheus Williams) tweeted:

Good on her, keeping her NZ safe. The National Party and Chamber of Commerce can go fuck themselves. Jacinda Ardern… https://t.co/2b7FlO7MKU

@Coltheman1 (Let down by an incom) tweeted:

Is it Hooton or Bishop that is leaking confidential information from the National party?

@NewshubPolitics (Newshub Politics) tweeted:

National's internal polling revealed as caucus springs another leak https://t.co/RjcNeuJJHM

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