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Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: New Zealand / New Zealand
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@lpz3 (Thoughts Aloud) tweeted:

@Gordy_Mc1ntosh (Gordon McIntosh ) tweeted:

From the New Zealand Herald #brexit https://t.co/9R8q1IzuDa

@campbellclaret (ALASTAIR CAMPBELL) tweeted:

Man who is making total hash of Brexit negotiations to be put in charge of national security so he can help… https://t.co/My2tZxT3mi

@carolecadwalla (Carole Cadwalladr) tweeted:

The whole thing stinks. Thanks for reminding us @NickCohen4 in this brilliant piece. Trump, Brexit, Russia. Cover-u… https://t.co/6fy7DRjcKh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Any Far-Left Socialist who thinks communism is cool, go and ask people of former States within the #USSR if Communi… https://t.co/ZtpR45z0zT

@epaluzie (Elisenda Paluzie) tweeted:

Brexit 2016 - Cens: 46.500.001 - Participació: 33.551.983 (72,21%) - Sí: 17.410.742 (51,9%) - No: 16.141.241(48,1%)… https://t.co/2l8e4pqy10

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Wouldn't be surprised if they bring a few passengers along for the ride. Angry French vow to break law to get UK f… https://t.co/u76985YHPn

@EveryCountry (Graham Hughes ) tweeted:

To be clear: if you're a Brit & don't have dual-nationality, without a #Brexit extension, from Jan 1st you will onl… https://t.co/bJiaf1

@TelBabe (terry manners ) tweeted:

Time for Starmer to realise Boris was elected PM by an overwhelming majority of seats and he wasn't. If the PM need… https://t.co/YU1Le0OFAC

@danwootton (Dan Wootton) tweeted:

Boris is a PM who does not let the London liberal media elite bully him. This is a government which is not forgetti… https://t.co/wErrL7egDg

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